How To Prevent Facial Irritation From Face Masks During COVID-19

Preventing Irritation from PPE Face Masks

While we all try to adjust to a new normal during this difficult time, there are two primary issues with wearing a face mask for an extended period of time. Along with standard discomfort, serious irritation can develop which requires attention from a dermatologist.

  1. The skin under mask gets very humid, inviting the growth of skin organisms that thrive in moist environments such as yeast.
  2. The mask material can be irritating, causing a simple irritation or an irritant dermatitis.

How to Treat Yeast Triggered From Wearing a Face Mask

Use a calming soap with pyrithione zinc such as Vani Z bar twice daily. The pyrithione zinc actually has ability to reduce the amount of yeast on the skin, which will in turn reduce the visible inflammation.

How to Help Prevent & Fix Irritation From the Face Mask Material

You need to use a daily facial moisturizing cream to create a healthy skin barrier. Using a Silicone-like skin care such as Dimethicone can create a coating on skin to protect it. Make sure you choose a cream that is not too heavy or greasy to avoid clogging pores and inducing acne. It is important to know that if your skin is not improving, your rash may not be simple irritation, and you should consult a Dermatologist.