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The goal of undergoing Botox™ treatments is to relax and efface the dynamic expression lines of the face (facial wrinkles). A secondary goal of seasoned injectors is to do so by minimizing discomfort, bruising and swelling during its application.

A common misconception about Botox™ is that the procedure is aimed at eliminating facial movement and expression. Sophisticated injectors can often preserve people's facial expressions while softening the appearance of their wrinkles. Another key component to Botox™ therapy is to carefully map patient facial muscles and eliminate movement selectively in some muscles, while relaxing movement and muscle tone in others, thereby creating a natural appearance.

Botox™ can help relax muscular activity so that lines between the brows, the forehead and those around the eyes can be softened or eliminated. Patients can even have a "non-surgical browlift" with selective use of Botox™ around the eyebrows lifting the brow to a gentle arch.

Botox™ has been in use for clinical purposes for approximately twenty years, and it has proven to be an extremely safe product for both cosmetic and medical purposes. Botox™ is the commercial name of botulism toxin produced by Allergan. Dysport™ is the commercial name of botulism toxin produced by Medicis. Botox™ and Dysport™ are not substitutes for surgical procedures such as facelifts, browlifts or eyelid surgery. In fact, the use of Botox™ as an adjunctive procedure following these surgical procedures will typically help enhance a patient's appearance, as these surgeries do not address the wrinkles susceptible to Botox® treatment.

Patients typically return to normal activity, such as work on the same day following an injection, and the effects of Botox™ start to become apparent in five to seven days after the session. A follow-up visit is typically scheduled two weeks after the initial injection, and when indicated a touch-up can be given at the time to refine the final appearance.

Treatments with Botox® and Dysport® usually last about four to five months, and as patients continue their treatments, the treatment interval between treatments can sometimes increase.

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